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Talking Energy: Kawatiri Energy

Updated: May 31, 2021

Kawatiri Energy is an independent hydro generator on the West Coast of the South Island, revived and expanded from its original setup.

Part 1: Introducing Kawatiri Energy

Tim Middlehurst talks to Duncan McKinlay, Finance Director at Kawatiri Energy & Investment Director at Southern Capital and John Finigan, Engineer and Developer at Kawatiri Energy about bringing the scheme back online, and John's fifty years of experience in hydro.

Part 2: What's next for Kawatiri Energy

Tim talks to Duncan about some of the improvements they're looking at making to the facility, including automated dispatch in response to market price, or even carbon intensity. Expansion plans could include turning an old coal mine into an additional storage lake, and increasing generation by up to 30%.

Part 3: Being good neighbours

Tim talks to Duncan and John about what it means to be good neighbours, including the benefits of local generation, planting 20,000 trees, and employing locals.

Part 4: Renewable energy in New Zealand - and the role of energy certificates

Tim talks to Duncan and John about the role of mid-scale hydro generation in increasing the amount of renewable energy in New Zealand, and where energy certificates fit in.

We will be profiling other generators participating in The New Zealand Energy Certificate System in the coming months, please get in touch below if you would like to be interviewed.

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