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Buyers of gas for heating and industrial use are increasingly concerned about the environmental impacts of using these fuels. An alternative is to use methane or hydrogen that has been produced renewably, or in a way that does not contribute to global warming.

To do so, buyers need to access these renewable fuels through existing distribution channels, such as gas pipelines. Alongside delivery of gas through pipelines, a buyer of renewable gas needs documentation to demonstrate that their purchase has been properly recorded and accounted for.

The diagram below explains how certification sits alongside physical delivery of gas, to enable the transaction between a buyer and seller of renewable or low-carbon gas. 

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Certified Energy has committed to the launch of a system for certification of renewable gas in New Zealand. We hope that this system can contribute to acceleration of renewable energy production,

through facilitation of additional support for development of renewable gas projects.

We have now reached the completion of phase 1 of this process - the development of initial certification rules in consultation with potential future users and industry stakeholders. The initial rules have now been published, and can be viewed and downloaded on our rules page or by clicking here. 

Further information on the consultation and feedback that has shaped these rules is available further down this page.

Phase 2 work programme

We now progress with the next phase in our work to establish renewable gas certification in New Zealand. This work focusses on gaining a deeper understanding of:

- local renewable gas projects - in particular, intended outcomes and how to best support compliance with certification requirements;

- specific and relevant international standards and frameworks, and how we are likely to interact with them; and 

- the appropriate set of governance and assurance mechanisms required to ensure successful operation of the NZECS.

A summary of this work programme can be found here. This work programme is intended to be completed by the end of December 2021. To stay in touch with the findings and results of the phase 2 work programme, please subscribe by clicking the link below.



Video: Tim Middlehurst and Ian Dempster talk about why we should certify renewable gas


Development of our gas certification process has taken place in consultation with industry and stakeholders,. More information on each of the steps is below.

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We have sought feedback from eventual users of the renewable gas certificate system, and other valued members and stakeholders of the industry, on key topics related to certification of renewable gas.

Submissions on the initial discussion paper (below) have now closed.

Please contact us if you have any other questions.

Designing a renewable gas certificate system for New Zealand  (discussion paper)

Following the initial consultation, we published: 

Proposing initial rules for gas certification in New Zealand (PDF)

Response to submissions on gas certification discussion paper (PDF)

The formal consultation period closed on  9am on 2 August 2021The initial rules were published on 6 September 2021. 

Questions we asked respondents to consider included: 

  • Do the proposed rules adequately support your objectives as a producer or consumer of renewable gas?

  • Could aspects of the proposed rules be strengthened or improved in order to increase the credibility of gas certification in New Zealand?  

  • Do you recommend any additions to the proposed rules that will increase its operational utility for yourself or other users of the system?

We received feedback on the draft initial rules for gas certification as described above, and have incorporated this into the wording of the rules and the content of the phase 2 work programme. 

Feedback received has been summarised in the following document:

Schedule of feedback on initial rules - including responses (PDF)