System updates

This page contains periodic announcements related to the operation of the New Zealand Energy Certificate System. 

For more information on any of these announcements, please contact us directly.

21.12.01: Deferral of physical device audits.

In the registration of some Production Devices, required information has been captured remotely due to restrictions of movement caused by COVID-19. As a requirement of this method of registration, Certified Energy requested the right to complete a physical, on-site audit of the Production Devices in question within the following 12 months.


Due to on-going  risks associated with the continued existence of COVID-19, we have extended the time period for physical audit of the Production Devices by three months, to 15 months. During this time, we will also be assessing the possibility of formalising the process of remote information provision for the purpose of registering a Production Device.

More information will be presented once available, including any decisions made relating to requirements for Production Device registration and audit.