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A hydrogen fuel cell semi truck with H2 gas cylinder onboard. Eco-friendly commercial vehi



A critical part of the process of certification is the method for assessment of the production device from which certificates originate. This process will determine the characteristics that are to be assessed, and the method by which this assessment will happen. 

Given its importance, Certified Energy is seeking industry feedback, before finalising an initial method document. A high-level discussion paper has been prepared, outlining a proposed approach to assessment.

This discussion paper is available for download below, along with instructions for providing feedback.


Consultation documents

Discussion paper - approach and method for assessment and certification of renewable gas production 

Consultation questions

Providing feedback

Within the discussion paper are a number of conceptual questions that we would like to receive feedback on. In addition, any other points of feedback are welcomed. 

Responses may be provided either using the online form below. If you would rather submit your feedback in your own format, please upload a file here.

For any issues with the process, please email

All feedback must be received before 29 August 2022.

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