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NZECS Registry Development

The NZECS relies on its software platform, the registry, for the bulk of its activity. Given the importance of this platform, we see ongoing software development as a key priority.

Last year, Certified Energy hired a full-time software developer, Loren Whithair. With this addition to the team, we have been able to make ongoing improvements to user experience and platform reliability, as well as the addition of multiple new features.

Certified Energy is committed to developing the NZECS to cater to the needs of its growing user base. We will notify users of changes as they are deployed, and will actively seek input into potential larger changes.

The Registry

The Registry is a software platform in which Registrants can create NZ-ECs and transfer them to Participants, who redeem them against an Energy User’s consumption. It serves as the source of truth for NZ-EC trading and consumption coverage.

Over the last few months, we have made improvements to make the Registry more robust and effective in the tasks it currently performs, such as the added capacity to upload multiple files when registering a Production Device or Energy User, and the addition of embedded generation data tracking. There have also been various bug fixes.


We intend to make a variety of alterations and improvements to the Registry. At first, our focus will be on capturing more information directly on the platform, automating processes, and continual performance and UI improvements.

After this, we hope to expand the functionality of the platform in ways that make the lives of our users easier, and that provide more accessibility, insight, and transparency of information.

Communication of changes

As we alter or implement features in the Registry, we will provide documentation outlining the changes made and what this means for our users. These documents will be made available on our website on the “System Updates'' page. The first of these documents have been emailed to all users of the Registry.

Ongoing consultation and feedback

Throughout the process of implementing new features, feedback is always valued. We are providing access to a feedback form both within emails and on our website, where you can communicate general comments, issues, and suggestions.

You can also get in touch at with the following subject title:

Registry feedback: [short description of suggestion/issue].

For larger changes further down our pipeline, we will seek direct input and feedback from our users. This may include surveys, online meetings and emails with those who are keen to give us their opinion.

User input and feedback will be very useful in helping us understand the needs and priorities of our users. It will ensure that we develop a Registry that empowers our users to effortlessly engage with, and perform all tasks related to, the NZECS.

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