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Call for feedback on gas certificate rules

Certified Energy has just published a draft set of rules for certifying renewable gas, to help increase renewable gas production. All gas users, producers and anyone interested in the gas network are invited to give feedback.

Why renewable gas?

New Zealand can significantly reduce its emissions by phasing out fossil natural gas. The solution has multiple parts, including electrification and behavioural change (energy efficiency / energy conservation) where possible. We see the use of renewable gases in place of fossil gases or other fossil fuels as making a significant contribution to our national decarbonisation efforts.

Why certify?

Certified Energy runs the New Zealand Energy Certificate System (NZECS), a system for the certification of renewable energy production. Right now, participants can trade electricity energy attribute certificates (certificates) using the NZECS, but it is possible to use energy certificates to support the development of any type of renewable energy production.

We believe certifying renewable gas production attributes so that they can be traded would help develop renewable gas production capacity in New Zealand, by allowing producers to generate additional income to develop production capacity, and by allowing consumers to show their support for renewable gas products.

The consultation so far

Earlier this year, we released a discussion paper outlining key aspects of a possible renewable gas certification system, to provide information for interested parties as to the likely structure and nature of the system.

We received a number of submissions from the sector, and have summarised those submissions and our response to the issues raised in this document.

Draft rules now available for comment

We have developed a draft set of system rules, which outlines an initial framework for the renewable gas certification system. The rules also define the system constraints and the conditions that must be met when performing key activities.

The rules include:

  • The initial gas types that will be specified - hydrogen, biomethane, biogas and bioLPG

  • What information should be captured on a certificate

  • How a production year is defined

  • Where the market boundary is set, and

  • How ongoing changes to the system are managed

The following topics have not been covered at this stage:

  • How gas certificates can be applied

  • Market trading arrangements

  • Compatibility with international markets

Claims made based on redeemed certificates will be governed by consumer law, including the Fair Trading Act 1986 and the Advertising Standards Code, and as such we do not see a need to seek to govern allowable usage claims.

Have your say

If you have any comments on the draft rules, please email contact @ by 9am Monday 2 August. After that, we will review feedback and publish the initial rules for the system by 6 September.

Please subscribe to our mailing list to receive details of the webinar on 20 July. 

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