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12 August: Energy Trader Forum

Tim Street, our Energy Market Analyst, will be speaking at the next Energy Trader Forum on 12 August. Attendance is by invitation only.

Energy attribute certificates - a stepping stone for increasing renewables

Overseas, energy attribute certificate (EAC) markets support the development of new renewable generation and allow users to claim their Scope 2 emissions as zero.

Since 2018, the New Zealand Energy Certificate System (managed by Certified Energy) has enabled trading of EACs for electricity to help New Zealand achieve its renewable energy goals, and EACs for renewable gas and hydrogen are under development.

Tim will give an overview of how EACs work in New Zealand, the case for impact and future developments.

Tim Street - Energy Market Analyst, Certified Energy

Tim has 27 years’ experience in the New Zealand electricity industry, involving management positions at a number of electricity generation and retail companies including NGC, TransAlta, Capital Power and ECNZ, and at the Electricity Authority.

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