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Certified Energy

The New Zealand Energy Certificate System (NZECS) is administered and developed by Certified Energy. Certified Energy is a commercial, for-purpose entity, registered as a company in New Zealand.

Our vision: Alignment between our nations values & ambitions & the way we produce energy.



The method and approach of the NZECS should be open and available for critical review and comment, in order to promote trust in the system and identify areas of weakness.



Building on transparency, all suggestions for evolution and improvement of the NZECS should be received equally; and the evolution of the system determined via an unbiased, evidence-based decision-making process.



The system should be run in the appropriate manner as to provide the best outcome, with the most efficient use of resources. The NZECS should aim to always maintain the right balance between a service that is great quality and great value-for-money.



The NZECS should seek to provide greatest value for its immediate stakeholders. Alignment with international systems is important to maximise future opportunities for system users and ensure robustness, but should not over-ride domestic requirements where a better outcome can be achieved for New Zealand stakeholders.

Continuous evolution

To promote transparency and visibility, the NZECS will continue to evolve to assist energy consumers and generators in this country to understand and access information about their energy consumption, and to support renewable generation.

The New Zealand Energy Certificate System is operated in accordance with a number of guiding principles

  Meet the Team


Chief Executive Officer

Tim Middlehurst

Certified Energy is led by Tim Middlehurst, an energy industry professional with expertise in certification and systems development from around the world.

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Mob: +64 (0)21 818 993

Emily Headshot_edited_edited.png

Head of Strategic Engagement

Emily Laing

Emily's role as Head of Strategic Engagement is to strengthen collaboration and engagement with key stakeholders in the energy policy and procurement space. 

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Mob: +64 (0)22 175 7767


Head of Software Development

Andrew Chilton

Andy takes the helm of the IT team with the mission to continuously enhance the NZECS registry's user experience as Certified Energy continues to expand and evolve.

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Mob: +64 (0)21 891 681

Tim Street Slack_edited_edited.png

General Manager - Operations

Tim Street

Tim Street leads and develops the operations' team, responsible for overseeing the pivotal functions of the New Zealand Energy Certificate System.

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Mob: +64 (0)21 376 628

Delphine David_5x4 Colour_edited.png

Head of Partnerships

Delphine David

Delphine partners with corporate energy users to drive action for impactful renewable energy procurement and help them successfully navigate the market. 

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Mob: +64 (0)22 475 3084


Organisational Performance Manager

Rosalie Worthington

Rose's role is to optimise processes to ensure that Certified Energy's growth is carefully balanced with the staff well-being and the organisation overall performance.

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