The benefits of certification

The New Zealand Energy Certificate System (NZECS) enables consumers to purchase certified electricity, but does not change the electrons that are supplied to you via the national grid.

Some of the main benefits to consumers therefore are:

1. Consumers can support a particular type of electricity generation that matches their values. 

2. The existence of the system removes the risk of double-counting, increasing clarity and trustworthiness in consumer electricity retail.

3. Consumers and organisations can develop brand / identity in line with particular values, and recognise their sustainability efforts.

4. Consumers can match purchased certificates to consumed electricity, allocating attributes of generation to their consumption.

5. Organisations can report that procured electricity is carbon-free in participating greenhouse gas reporting frameworks.

Some of the main benefits to the system are:

1. Consumers will be increasingly aware of the way in which electricity is generated in New Zealand.

2. This increase in awareness is likely to lead to an increased engagement in sustainable energy and sustainability overall.

3. Increased engagement in these topics contributes toward our progress to a sustainable and low-carbon energy system.